If you wish to keep your Company Secretary personal identity anonymous then our nominee secretary service is an ideal solution.


Whats included:

Nominee Secretary

Document signing available

Domain Name .com etc

Web Hosting 1 year

0844 Business Numbe


Whats included: £99 NOW £49

Nominee Secretary - we will provide a corporate company to act as your secretary.

Document signing for a small charge + postage

Scan and email Documents – for a small charge we can print, scan, sign and email documents

Nominee renewal Fee is the same as advertised prices.

Domain Name – you can register your domain name free of charge for 1 year .com, .net, etc

Webhosting – we will host your website free for 1 year, includes 20 pop emails,
                  3gb webspace, FREE Website Builder

084 Business Number – we register you for a FREE 084 number with zero running costs

Place your order before 1pm and registration will usually complete the sameday    

If you wish to maintain continuity within your Compny you may prefer to utilise our name shareholder £179 >>

How does the nominee processes work?

The Nominee Process

It is no longer a requirement for registered companies to appoint a company secretary, however many financial institutions and contactual agreements still require two signatures from persons directly associated with the Company, by appointing yourself or associate as secretary you must disclose to Companies House certain personal information about that person name, address, etc, for some individuals who need to keep their identity out of the public domain this could prove to be a problem when registering the company, and that’s where our services come into effect, we will appoint our nominee secretary allowing you to maintain complete anonymity.

 Starting The Process

To start the process complete the online form, pay our fee and we are registering your company the nominee will be added at that point, if you are registering the company though other sources then we will email the nominee details. Once the company is registered and due diligence confirmed (when you have emailed/posted your ID), we ask you to sign a deed of indemnity and then provide you with a power of attorney.

Company Control

The beneficial owner would retain complete control of the company through Power of Attorney which is a private agreement showing that you have control over the company's affairs and the normal director duties of the company. This ensures that the true owner of the company is empowered to run the business and manage the company's activities. The Nominee Director will also sign an undated letter of resignation that can be submitted on their behalf at any time you wish, which gives you the peace of mind that he can't act against you.

Service Renewal

At any point during the contractual term the beneficial owner can choose to terminate the nominee service and appoint alternative director(s). Should you choose to continue the nominee appointment on the anniversary of the service simply pay the renewal invoice and the service will continue for a further 12 months.

Document Signing

We make a small charge for signing documents, single documents £15, document bundles £35, signing off accounts £75, signing VAT returns £75 + postage costs, you can include a pre-paid envelope for return of the documents. It should bve noted the nominee will not enter in to any contractual agreements, sign leases or be party to any finanicial or other similar contracts. For scanning documents, call or email our office for details.

Legal Stuff

NB: The above information is general and is intended as a summary only. Clients should seek further clarification if required before deciding if they wish to engage nominee directors. We expressly reserve the right to provide this service to anyone for any reason. We specifically will not provide this service to corporations with a payroll or who may have excise tax obligations. The Money Laundering Regulations came into force on the 1st March 2008 and place us (as well as any other person, firm or company who provides “by way of business…services in relation to the formation, operation or management of a company or a trust…”) under a lot more strict obligations concerning how and with whom we conduct our business. The practical effects are as follows:-

For the provision of any or all Nominee Company Director, Secretary, shareholder

We will require the details and documentation listed below:

Proof of ID – provided by the proprietor to the company (this can easily be obtained through your local post office).
Proof of Address – Utility bill, bank statement etc
Picture ID – Passport, Drivers licence etc

We have a large selection of prepared packages to choose from, select below for individual package features or click on the compare packages button to show at a glance what each package includes.

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