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  • What is a ReadyMade Company
  • Reasons for buying a Shelf Company
  • How is the company transferred
  • How Quickly can the process be completed
  • Are there any risks in buying ReadyMade
  • Can I appoint my own director in my own time
  • Following purchase who takes care tax affairs
  • What other service are offered with a ReadyMade

What is a ReadyMade Company?

A readymade company, shelf company, or aged company formation, is a company that has had no activity. It was created and left to mature with no activity – metaphorically put on the “shelf” to “age”. The company can then be sold to a person or corporation who wish to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new one, or where there is a requirement that the company has gained some age. Readymade company

Reasons for buying a Shelf Company

  • To save the time involved in registering a new incorporation.
  • To gain the opportunity to bid on contracts. Some jurisdictions or institutions require that a company be in business for a certain length of time to have this ability.
  • To show corporate maturity in order to attract consumers or investors.
  • To gain access to corporate credit from financial institutions.
  • To create an Umbrella or Group company.
  • Simply that a registered name is representative of your business type.

How is the company transferred?

Step 1  You select your preferred readymade company, complete the basic online details and pay the final fee. Readymade company

Step 2  We start the company changes:

a)  Registered Office – If you have requested our registered office then no action is taken, where you have requested your own registered office we make the changes using form AD01. Readymade company
b)  Director – Whether you have requested use of our director or one of your own, the processes are the same, firstly we resign the existing director using form TM01, then complete the appointment(s) of the new director(s) using form AP01. Readymade company

All processes are completed electronically using the last filing software linked direct to Companies House, changes are usually approved within 10 to 20 minutes

Step 3  A stock transfer form is completed transferring all shares to the new owners. Readymade company

Step 4  All documents are emailed to your preferred email address. Readymade company

The following documents are included (where applicable): 

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • AD01 – Change of Registered Office
  • TM01 – Director Resignation
  • AP01 – New Director Appointment
  • AP02 – Appointment of Secretary
  • Stock Transfer Form
  • Signed Letter of Resignation from Director
  • Certificate of Non-Trading
  • Share Certificate(s)

Step 5  Business Bank Account – Where you have requested a business account we apply direct to Barclays for your fast tracked account, note account is subject to the banks own status checks.

How quickly can the process be completed?

Answer  We will endeavor to complete all processes in as shortest possible time, in many instances the entire process can complete in less than 1 hour, however regardless of circumstances we cannot guarantee completion the same day, we are always at the mercy of Companies House processes, though more importantly, times frames are dependant on the degree business we are dealing with at any one time, we have many other customers all requiring the same level of service. Readymade company

Are there any risks in buying ReadyMade?

Answer  Absolutely not, all our readymade companies come with a certificate guaranteeing the company has never traded or been associated with any form of finance, the certificate is signed and dated by the existing company director.Answer Absolutely not, all our readymade companies come with a certificate guaranteeing the company has never traded or been associated with any form of finance, the certificate is signed and dated by the existing company director.

Can I appoint my own director in my own time?

Answer Yes of course you can, we will resign our director, sign an unnamed stock transfer form, and you can appoint your own director in your own time frame, though please be aware you cannot leave a company without a named officer form more than a few days.

Following purchase who takes care tax affairs?

Answer Whilst the ownership of the company is with our firm, we will maintain the annual return and annual accounts filed at Companies House on an annual basis, once you have taken possession of the company, the returns and tax obligations become solely your responsibility. Should you require a quotation for accounting service, please contact us and we will refer you to a leading “new start-up” accountant who will offer you an excellent accounting service package.

What other service are offered with a ReadyMade?


  • Registered office services – London and Manchester
  • Mail forwarding – Official or General Mail
  • Nominee Director – Named Person or Corporate
  • Nominee Secretary – Named Person or Corporate
  • Nominee Shareholder – Named Person or Corporate
  • Notary Public – Notarised Documents
  • Apostille – Apostilled by the Foreign Office
  • Certificate of Good Standing – Company Overview verified by Companies House
  • Business Bank Account – for Good Credit or Poor Credit
  • Free Domain Name Registration for 1 year – .com, .net etc
  • Free Web hosting for 1 year – includes 100 email addresses

What Due Diligence is required by Purchaser?


It is a requirement by UK law that agents know their customers and in this respect customers must provide due diligence, we require the following scanned copies

1 x Picture ID (Passport, Drivers Licence or other form of proof of ID)

1 x Proof of Address (Utility Bill, Bank Statement etc)

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