Non-UK Resident Package

Europe – Asia – America – Africa – Australia
Option to include a Fully VAT Registered Limited Company

Our Packages have been expertly fashioned to meet the needs of most International Residents

Non-UK Resident Executive Package – This is our NUMBER 1 package offering everything you need all from one location including; Limited company either new registration, vintage off the shelf or even a fully VAT Registered UK Limited Company, and everything else needed to start you trading right from day one, there is no other package like this on the entire net, and best of all, you have full and complete control over every aspect of what is included in your registration.

CCS have come together with other organisations to create a perfectly balanced package, meeting all of the needs of our international customers, if you have ever thought of fulfilling your creative business desire in the UK, but encountered hurdle after hurdle, well now you can achieve that desire, we will help you take that first step and launch your potential directly in the United Kingdom. We’ll give you the reins to your very own business vehicle, to steer in any direction you choose, with the assurance we are always on hand to guide you.
Take the first step with our ever popular Option 2 Executive Package, call our direct number ask any question and keep asking until you are completely satisfied the package offered is a perfect solution for your business requirements. With our expert advice and your creative acumen success is assured.

How to get Started

We start you with the basic’s for a Limited Company and include the following:

Memorandum of Association

Articles of Association

IN01 incorporation Document

First Minutes

Share Certificates

Step 1 – What happens after you start the order process ?

Once you have selected “Start Order Now” you will be given a number of options pertaining to type of company registration you require, with the following limited companies available; New Registration, Recent Readymade Company, Vintage Readymade Company or Fully VAT Registered Company.

Eg. All our VAT Registered Companies include the following:

Fully VAT Registered Company

Where completed all processed VAT returns

Official Certificate provided by the UK Inland Revenue

GB VAT Registration Number

Ready to trade TODAY

Examples of other Limited types:

New Registration          

Recent Readymade          

Vintage Readymade          

Step 2 – Choosing your bank account

Once you have selected the your preferred company type, next you will be offered 2 banking options, a UK business bank account and EU business bank account, or if you prefer you can decline to include either of the accounts and arrange your own at a later date.

What’s included in our UK business Account:

UK business bank account

Internet banking

Accepts merchant payments

Debit Card Issued

Cheque Book Issued

Bank Option 1 – UK Business Bank Account –
We have a special arrangement with a UK banking institution designed to help our international customer obtain approval for a business account in the United Kingdom. The account is placed with a high street bank, offering all the usual features expected from a UK high street bank.

Due Diligence – If you opt for this account you will be asked to verify your personal ID using the services of a notary public, or if the bank have a branch in your country you can get them to verity the ID, In some instances the bank may require you visit the UK
Account Features – This is a corporate business account place with a BIG 4 UK High Street Bank, currently they provide debit card, cheque book and online banking.

Features Include the following:

• UK High Street Business Bank Account
• Internet Banking
• International Transfers
• Accepts Merchant Payments – e.g. from PayPal etc.
• Debit Card Issued
• Cheque Book

What’s included in our EU business Account:

Full EU business bank account

Business Debit Card

Full internet banking

Standing Orders & Direct Debits

Merchant Services Available

Bank Option 2 – EU Business Bank Account –

We have a special arrangement with a EU banking institution designed to help our international customers attain a business account packed with excellent features. The account is a full business account, with plans to broaden the feature structure even further.

Due Diligence – If you opt for this account you will be asked to identify yourself through meeting with one of the banks agents, who are located in many cities around the world; our Manchester office, city of London or possibly a city within in your country, in the event there is no agent in your country, you will be asked to either obtain notarised copies of your ID or visit a neighbouring country, in any event somehow we can arrange your due diligence to be completed.

Account Features – The account offers a business debit card, full Internet banking, direct debits, standing orders, accepts merchant payments, credit card facilities, all accounts are multi-currency (i.e. you can accept payment in various currencies all to one account and each currency is stored separately until you are ready to use it, account is protected by Government for 100,000 Euro’s

Note where required you can also acquire a merchant account direct from the bank offering FULL merchant facilities.

Step 3 – Choosing your registered Office

Next you can select the location of your registered office, we offer Manchester, London and Scotland, also offered is mail forwarding options, you can choose simple scan and email of official government mail up to full general mail forwarding of all company mail.

What’s included in our UK Registered Office:

A genuine UK address manned by people for 1 year

All Official mail scanned and emailed

Option to add general mail forwarding

Signed registered office agreement

Free AD01 service anytime during the term

Registered Office Options:




What is a Registered Office

All UK registered companies are legally required to have a UK registered office address. This is the address where Companies House, HMRC and other official notices, letters and reminders will be sent. The registered office address can be anywhere in England and Wales (or Scotland and Northern Ireland if your company is to be registered there).

Any type of address (with the exception of PO Boxes) can be used, provided it has the facility to mail. Many people using their home address don’t realise that the registered address is made public on Companies House website, and on several hundred other website’s offering web-based company information. Basically once you have registered your company the details are made public and anyone in the world can gain access to these details.

You can avoid this by using a third party address, either a business address, or if you prefer one of our addresses, giving you privacy and peace of mind no one will come knocking at you door for demands etc and we will forward all your Company legal mail via scan and email, or if option selected the general mail is sent using land mail to any country in the world.

Step 4 – Own Director(s) or Use Nominee(s)

Step 4 is all about who to appoint as your Company Director, you can choose to make yourself or other person(s) a director, if you have added a least one person you could opt to add a company (corporate) as a second director, or if you prefer anonymity you can select our nominee director.

What’s included in our Nominee Director Service:

Appointment of our UK resident as director for 1 year

Nominee indemnity agreement

Power of Attorney signed by Nominee

Letter of Resignation, signed & undated

TM01 Signed & Undated

Step 5- Own Shareholder(s) or Use Nominee(s)

Step 5 is adding a shareholder and how many shares to allot, if you have opted for our nominee director you may wish to add a nominee shareholder, or it could be you have a corporate entity to add (a company as a shareholder), or simply you would like to add yourself, colleague etc. The number of shares you allot is dependant on what service you have selected, if using nominees we restrict you to 100 shares @ £1,$1, or €1 each, if using your own shareholder the amount is unlimited..

What’s included in our Nominee Shareholder Service:

Appointment of our UK Resident or Corporate entity as shareholder for 1 year

Declaration of Trust, signed and witnessed

SH01 In accordance with Return of allotment of shares

Stock transfer form, signed and undated

Blank Share Certificate

Step 6  – Own Secretary or Use Nominee

Step 6 is appointing a secretary, under UK law limited company registrations are not required to add a secretary, though this service still remains very popular with most customers, it is the secretaries job to support the director with administrative aspects of the company, the secretary is responsible for filing dates, updating Companies House with any structural changes to the company and any other general support duties agreed with the director(s).

What’s included in our Nominee secretary Service:

Appointment of our UK Resident or Corporate entity as secretary for 1 year

TM02 Termination of Appointment of Secretary

Letter of Resignation, signed & undated

Letter of Consent notice

Signed Share Certificate

Step 7 – Optional Extras

Step 7 is all about those optional extras, and we have some really useful top-ups you can add including, company seal, certificate of good standing, secretarial services, accountancy packages, notary and apostille, 0207 London telephone numbers, VAT & PAYE Registration, CT41G Registration, Domain names, website hosting and much more, you can choose to by-pass the optional extras or add as many features you feel necessary to further develop your business.

Here’s just a few of the many features you can add to your business

0207 London Telephone number

Wherever you are located in the world, we can provide you a telephone number representative of any UK city including; London, Manchester etc, there is no fixed term contract, just an easy to manage monthly fee, which includes call minutes, and you take the call direct, i.e. customer calls your number, it rings in your office and you answer direct.

Domain Name & Web hosting

Regardless of which services or package you opt for t his service is offer FREE for 1 year, you can select either a .com, .net, etc, plus we will host your website FREE for a whole year, thereafter you can either continue the service or choose to switch to a different provider with zero transfer fees.

Tax Compliance

All UK trading companies who generate profits will become liable to pay UK taxes, where a company has reach the threshold for charging VAT, currently £84000, they will need to register for Value Added Tax, should you decide to employ staff you will need to register PAYE, don’t worry we can register your Company for all the relevant taxes.

Notary & Apostille service

Many institutions within the EU and certainly those outside the EU, will require company documents to ne notarised and often apostilled, this is a verification of your documents to prove they are genuine and that you are the legal owner of the company. We offer a full verification service with a speedy turnaround and all delivered to your door.

Complete Secretarial Services

Seen by most businesses as the most important administrative role in the company, responsible for filing returns at Companies House, ensuring the registered office is renewed promptly, enters up to date minutes, writes up any special resolutions, and manages the company structure, filing AP01’s and TM01/2’s etc.

Step 8 – Make your Payment

This is the final stage, you have worked very hard to piece together a frim business structure, though if unsure about anything you can return to previous pages and add or remove features, one you are completely satisfied with your entire structure you can proceed to the payment page, here you are given 2 payment options, pay with your debit, credit card or use the PayPal facility. Following purchase you will receive a confirmation email and your registration details wll go to our review team, should any query arise we will immediately contact you to resolve the matter.

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