London Registered Offices

What you need to know about using any of the London Registered Offices?

Registered Office Services

Registered Office Service – Use of either London Address as your Registered Office Address for 1 year, where only the registered office is selected, you can include the address in the footer of all your company documents, and website if you have one, you may not use the address for general correspondence.

Due Diligence – Note it is a requirement under the money laundering regulations to supply due diligence when using registered office services, following your purchase we will request 2 forms of ID, 1 x picture ID (passport etc and 1 x proof of address, utility bill etc).

Trading Address – The service you purchase is not a trading address, it is only a mailing address, you should only use the address for either official correspondence or where added, as your general mailing.

Official Mail Correspondence

Official Correspondence – We will forward all your official company mail to your preferred address or provide a scan and email service. Official mail consists of letters such as those from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or court documents.

Should we receive other mail items, not official mail, we will email you and offer you the option to upgrade to general mail forwarding, if you decide against the upgrade we will return the mail back to sender.

General Mail Correspondence

General Correspondence – Both London offices provide a General Correspondence Mailing service, this is when all of your company’s general mail is sent to the Gtr Manchester address, were we sort and forward to your prefered address anywhere in the world.

Because this is your company’s mailing address, you can add the full address to all your documents as the Company’s official correspondence address, you should note the registered address is not your trading address, i.e. you are not operating from this as address with employees etc.

Director Service Address

A director of a UK company (and partners of LLPs) is required to provide an address which will appear on the public record and where legal documents from Companies House and HMRC can be sent to them personally. You can use your residential address for this purpose, but it will appear on the public record. Most of our clients prefer to keep their personal address details private and therefore use our directors service address. Our director service address service includes the daily forwarding of all directors’ statutory mail (from HMRC and Companies House) or scan and email at no additional charge.

Registered Office Address

Every UK registered company is required to have an address where official correspondence, such as letters from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or court documents can be served. The company’s registered office address must appear on all its official documents, including letterheads,
invoices, order forms, websites and financial communications. Many companies use our address as their registered office in order to protect their privacy and benefit from a Central Edinburgh or Glasgow address. Our registered office address service includes mail forwarding or scanning and emailing of all official correspondence.

The World is Watching!

Did you know when you register a company with Companies House, the Registered Address, Director, Secretary and Shareholders Addresses you provide, are all made public on their website, this allows agencies, creditors, customers, the general public etc to obtain this information, also more than 500 other web based companies, acquire the information from Companies House and provide the details as an information source, therefore if you have used your PERSONAL address, anyone in the WORLD can gain access to were you live. By using an independant registered address your personal address is replaced, keeping your details out of the public domain, now dosen’t that give you peace of mind.

Due Diligence

The Money Laundering Regulations came into force on the 1st March 2008 and place us (as well as any other person, firm or company who provides “by way of business…services in relation to the formation, operation or management of a company or a trust…”) under a lot more strict obligations concerning how and with whom we conduct our business. The practical effects are as follows:-

Provision of Registered Office or Service Address
We will require the details and documentation listed below Proof of ID of a director, proprietor or agent to the aforementioned company:

Proof of Address – Utility bill, bank statement etc
Picture ID – Passport, Drivers licence etc

You can provide these items following purchase (up to 14 days) or upload them as complete the order form.

We cannot forward any mail onto you until the ID is received.

We honestly do not wish to create more paperwork and bureaucracy than is absolutely necessary as it generates more internal costs to us than we would like. These Regulations, though, are very clear, very strict and impose very heavy penalties upon any person deemed to be non-compliant, stretching quickly to custodial sentencing.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that these Regulations and our approach to their implementation may cause you but hope that you will continue to work with us to ensure compliance and a continuing relationship.

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