Business Account Options (accepts mild poor credit history) £0

The best and fastest business bank account approval service on the net – GUARANTEED

If your credit history is not terrible, perhaps you have a few late credit card payments or mortgage payment then this account is perfect, takes a week to setup and you’ll enjot all the facilities a top high street bank has to offer.

Business Account:

Business Account Option 2

High Street Business Account

Business Account for very mild poor credit histories

Business Debit Card

DD & Standing Orders


Internet Banking 24/7 365

Telephone Banking

Bank Interview Required

Set-up 4-5 Days*

Account placed with one of the Big 4 High Street Banks

Cheque Book and Paying in Book Issued

Debit Card to pay suppliers etc

Internet Banking – Complete all your transactions online saving time and money

Telephone Banking – there when you need them most

Free Banking for a while – setting up their first business bank account for a business within its first 12 months of trading

No business Plan to Prepare

A simple approval process to fast track your application…

1   We only use major high street banks for this business account.
2   Complete all section of our online application form.
3   On receipt our expert assessment team will review the details.
4   We select the best bank and place your application.
5   The process is completed when the selected bank contacts you to arrange a welcome meeting at a time and branch to suit you, they will instruct you as to what ID you need to bring along.

This account is placed with a high street bank and ONLY accepts customers where they have no or very mild credit issues (few late payments on mobile phone bill, or mortgage etc), and they are the director of a registered company (company registered at Companies House).

The company can be a new start-up, switching accounts or off the shelf.
Provided you meet the banks ID and status requirements the process from application to full trading account usually takes around 1 week.

Fast Track Business Bank Account approval service usually takes approximately 1 week to complete  

If you are confused, don’t know which account is right for you simply call our team direct.

We have a large selection of prepared packages to choose from, select below for individual package features or click on the compare packages button to
show at a glance what each package includes.

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Guarantee Bank Accounts

Business Bank Account approval for poor credit issues placed with high street banks