Business Account Options (including poor credit history)

The best and fastest business account approval service on the net – GUARANTEED

You can apply for this account regardless of your credit circumstances or the nature of your business . If you have genuine personal ID that proves who you are and your business is run as a ligitimate enterprise, then you can apply today for a business account.

Option 1 – Business Account:

Option 1 - Business Account
Accepts Most Poor Credit Issues

This is our best facility ever

No credit checks!**
Pay cheques in
5 Day delivery of account details
Pay bills using Faster Payment from your smart-phone
Accepts most Credit issues
If you have genuine personal ID that proves who you are acceptance should be a formality

Credit problems are no issue
Discharge Bankrupts, IVA’s, CCJ’s, Mortgage arrears and Defaults

Who can we help get a business account?

Multiple Defaults

CCJ’s (County Court Judgements)

Disc – All your Company documents and more on Disc

Discharge Bankrupts

Mortgage Arrears

Been Involved in IVA (Individual Volutary Agreement)

Resident new to the UK

What you need to know about our Ultimate Package

Have You been Declined Recently?

Most applicants are declined for a business account because of a variety of reasons pertaining to Company and/or Personal poor credit histories or the nature of business does not quite fit the banks criterior. However, we have access to some very special providers who will offer a Business Account to anyone who can provide the necessary personal identification, including those with a severe credit problem or those with a company which is normally declined due to the nature of the business.

Of course every individual circumstance is unique therefore it is essential you try and speak with one of ouir specialists advisers to see what options are available to you and how quickly we can get your new business account opened.

It won’t cost you anything to find out.

Apply Here for a Basic Business Bank Account with bad Credit

Business Bank Account with Bad Credit

If you have struggled to open a business bank account because of your bad credit, then your options may be drastically limited, as every high street banks will perform the same credit check on all of the principles of the business, to see if you are credit worthy and will pass their stringent credit rating check.

If you get declined by one bank then you will almost certainly be declined by all the other providers too, leaving you with very few options to open your new business account, and the more searches made on your credit file the less likely it is you will get approval.

Don’t despair opening a Basic Business Bank Account with Bad Credit IS possible regardless of any credit issues you may have.

Click apply now for your account today.

We can help with 3 different types of business accounts, Basic Account (Option 1), accepts most poor credit circumstances, High Street Account (OPTION 3), accepts cirtain types of credit issues, and our other High Street Account which accepts very mild or no cedit issues (OPTION 2).

Basic Business Bank Account – (OPTION 1)

This account is suited to most circumstances, provided you can be identified, you will enjoy most of all the feature of a regular high street bank including your own Sort Code & Account Number, Internet banking, standing orders/Direct Debits, Faster Payments, Business bank card plus much more.

High Street Business Bank Account – (OPTION 2)
We have 3 bank options for this service; Barclays, RBS and Lloyds, each have there own complimentary free banking for start-ups and accept varying levels of credit issues, none will accept and major adverse credit, such as CCJ’s, Bankruptcy etc. Once approved you will then deal directly with the chosen bank like any other account holder.

High Street Business Bank Account – (OPTION 3)
This service is offered by an Intermediary, who will, for a one-off administration fee, and as long as you can be identified, apply for your high street business account with one of the main high street providers, the account is subject to the banks own credit checks and accects mild credit issues. Once approved you will then deal directly with the chosen bank like any other account holder

Business Account for Non-UK Residents.
Today more than ever it has become virtually impossible for non UK residents to acquire a business account without the need to visit the UK, banking institutions insist on customers sitting in front of their managers before approving application. We have a number of options to overcome this problem and guarantee to get you a business acount in the UK without a UK visit. Call for more information.

If you are confused, don’t know which account is right for you simply call our team direct.