Nominee Services - Option 2

Nominee Director Service for Dormant Companies

Due to the recent changes in Government legislation our nominee services have undergone structural changes to reflect the requirements. We believe this legislation is beneficial to all concerned, and whilst providing clarity to the general public looking to acquire details on a company structure, it also identifies entities not subscribing to the changes, helping you identify exactly which company you should choose to employ.

Our Option 2 package is for dormant companies, these are companies which intend to trade but are currently remaining dormant.

 Appointment of our named UK resident nominee director for 1 year

Scan and email Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs mail

 Signing of Companies House documents included

 Indemnity Agreement

Full Package Details

Appointment of named UK nominee director for 1 year

We will appoint our UK resident name person as your company director for 1 year, at any point during the appointment you may contact our office to remove/replace the nominee. It should be noted the nominee details cannot be use on the PSC register.

What is the PSC Register?

PSC (persons with significant control) register, was introduced by the Government to ensure companies are more transparent regarding ownership of their Company, and giving the general public a clearer understanding
of who is actually controlling companies.

Prior to PSC beneficial owners of registered UK companies wishing to keep their personal details out of the public domain, usually appointed nominees to maintain their privacy, since the changes were introduced this was no longer possible, and now owners of companies, or those with significant control, must be declared on the public register, in essence making a mockery of nominee services.

Scan and email Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs mail

We scan and email all official mail in the directors name, i.e. mail from all Government offices, for a period of 1 year.

Signing of Companies House documents included

The nominee can sign off your dormant filing account, this is usually done via Companies House efiling. +44 (0)207 952 5265.

Indemnity Agreement

We will issue a singed indemnity agreement, this document for use by beneficial owner and nominee, providing peace of mind for both concerned parties.

Nominee Director Service for Dormant Companies

Option 2

*Additional fees apply.

 Appointment of our named UK resident nominee director for 1 year

Mail forwarding of Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs mail

Signing of Companies House documents included

Services available to new and existing companies
You will need to provide a shareholder for this option



Per Year

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