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Option 8 - Shareholder Service for Dormant or Active Companies

This Package is most suited to UK & Non UK Residents

Option 8 Nominee Shareholder for Dormant or Active Companies



Our Nominee Shareholder Service for Dormant or Active Companies includes: Nominee Corporate Shareholder (Company). Was £149 Now £99

This type company is either dormant or active from the outset. In an ever changing industry, this package is the very best available in the market place, no other company can match this offer, and all aspects of the package are usually completed in just a few days.
Nominee Services UK Registered Nominee Corporate Shareholder 1 year agreement
Nominee Services Second year fees £99
You will need to provide a shareholder and PSC for this option
Should your business require accounting services from accountants who are experienced in the nominee industry, then we have the right people on hand and ready to quote you the best possible prices.